A common misconception that people have about the notion of abusive relationships is that only significant others are capable of putting you in it. Let us clear up that wrong notion today.

An abusive relationship, by definition, involves the mistreatment of one person by another in the same unit of acquaintance, familiarity, and yes—relationship. Note how we defined it quite specifically and do not only refer to romantic relationships. This is because it is not only your significant other that is quite capable of putting you into an abusive relationship.

Here are some others:



Family members are fully capable of putting you in an abusive relationship. Everyone has their own tale about overly controlling parents, bullying siblings, and even horrific extended families. Family members are usually at the very core of the development of our lives.

It is they who are most around us when we are quite vulnerable that are fully capable of compromising our ability to tell whether something is healthy or abusive. Most people who end up in abusive romantic relationships commonly have had traumatic experiences in their childhood because of family members.



Friends are fully capable of putting you in an abusive relationship with them. There are friends that leech off of you, there are friends that manipulate you, and there are those that make you enthralled or beholden to them.

Just because you are not in a romantic relationship with a person that you meet does not mean that they do not have the capability and knowledge of you to overcome your better judgment. There is a reason why peer pressure is an existing blight upon human relationships.

Always Remember

People who care will never put you in a situation where you are uncomfortable or against your will. Just because you aren’t in a romantic situations or relationship with someone in your life does not mean that they cannot manipulate or harm you or put you in an abusive relationship.

There are many others that can drop you into an abusive relationship, who do you think they are?

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