If we all lived in a perfect world, there would be no abusers and no one would be abused. However, this is not a perfect world that we live in at all. Instead, we live in a world where it is fully necessary to equip ourselves with the knowledge to identify and survive abuse when it occurs.

about reporttheabuse - About Report the Abuse

Hello and welcome to Report the Abuse.

We are a publication which aims to provide critical information for those who are going through an abusive relationship or is recovering from one. Even if you aren’t in a relationship that’s abusive, it is important to be aware of the signs and the lasting impact that it has on lives.

Many of us who write fort this site work in relevant fields and have our own stories of surviving abuse. We believe that the best lessons are carved into us by experience. We want to turn our personal pains and triumphs into the very information that may well save your life.

We hope that you’ll join us as we continue to dissect and talk about this difficult topic. If you have any need of us, please do not hesitate to reach us through 956-377-8883.