Coming to terms with the fact that you might be in an abusive situation is never easy. If you aren’t quite certain, it is good to look up signs and symptoms that you are dating an abuser. Today, we are going to be discussing something that may be difficult to chew and swallow.

We do hope that you take a rather frank look at the person in your life and ascertain if you are dating someone who is abusive. Here are a few established signs and symptoms:

They Keep You Isolated

An abuser will always keep their victim alone and isolate from everyone that they know. If your significant other takes careful pains to make sure that you are kept away from your friends and family, you just might be dating an abuser.

The difficult thing about this is that they will often try to convince you that it is for your own good. Sally, from Ohio, was completely convinced by her abuser that her friends were all bad influences and that her family never cared for her. This allowed her abuser to be as abusive as he wanted without any fear of anyone finding out.

They Are Extremely Controlling

An abuser needs to feel control in every aspect of their relationship. They completely rob their significant other of any agency in which they can make decisions that are independent of their abuser.

Everything from the way you talk, the way you dress, and even the way you think is something that an abuser will want to take control of. Miguel, from Texas, shared his tale about how his girlfriend demanded access to all his social media accounts and constantly interrogates him about every single minute of their time apart.

They Gaslight You

Gas-lighting happens when someone tries to convince you that you said or did something that you actually did not do. Abusive people often like to keep their victims confused and full of self-doubt.

Abusive people keep their victim feeling guilty and incapable of separating truth from fiction. Kevin, from Chicago, shared the story of his significant other. His boyfriend constantly led him to believe that he was guilty for things that he had never said or done. This kept Kevin at a loss and unable to trust his own memories.

Always Remember

Abuse does not pick genders. Both men and women can become abusive significant others. This is why it is all the more important to make sure that you are aware of the signs and symptoms of abuse so that you have a better chance of determining your present situation.

There are a lot more signs and symptoms that indicate that you are dating an abusive person. What signs and symptoms are you personally aware of?

dating abuse - Knowing What’s Wrong: Signs and Symptoms That You’re Dating an Abuser
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