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When choosing a press release distribution service, there are many options available. Some of the most popular and widely-read are Linking News, Easy Newswire, and GlobeNewswire. However, not all of them will suit your needs. Read on to find out which press release services are best for your business. Here’s a list of the top press release services that can meet your needs. Listed below is a brief comparison of each.

Easy Newswire

Easy Newswire offers two press release services, free and paid. Its free plan is a basic option, while paid plans include additional press releases. These services do not guarantee an immediate release, but they do offer a free RSS feed. Additionally, you can host your press release on your website for free. You can also use the press release report for additional information. There are several different plans, so you should consider which one works best for your needs.

Whether you are writing a press release for a small or large company, Newswire’s services can help you get it out to the right audience. The newswire’s industry-specific Twitter feeds help you reach specific audiences and boost your search engine ranking. It also gives you access to 1.8 million contacts, including local, regional and international media. And you can choose a package that targets your audience by providing relevant information, multimedia content, and a custom media room.

The newswire website is easy to navigate and includes information about its services. However, its price range is on the expensive side. There is a free plan, but the advanced plans include social media distribution, multimedia embedding, and unlimited word count. Despite the cost of the advanced plans, you can be confident that your press release will get noticed by a large number of media outlets. The prices depend on the number of releases you need, and the type of industry you operate in.

IssueWire offers a free plan, as well as a free tier. Both the free and paid plans include advertisements. A free plan is a basic option, and the first two paid tiers include ads. It is best for small businesses on a budget to opt for a Tier 2 Pro plan. There are also paid plans that do not display ads, which are great for smaller businesses on a budget.


Listed below are the benefits of GlobeNewswire press release services. These services distribute press releases worldwide and guarantee that each release is written and formatted according to best practices. In addition to increasing your website traffic and brand awareness, they also provide a wide range of PR services, from PR financial disclosures to multimedia content. These benefits make them the ideal choice for a variety of businesses. To learn more about these services, read on!

Press release distribution is essential for a company’s success, and there are many ways to reach the right audience. For international distribution, GlobeNewswire works with the largest newswires in Europe. This company also distributes releases in Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Additionally, their service includes an analytical post-distribution report, which helps you track ROI and show your press releases’ potential audience.

A major benefit of GlobeNewswire’s press release services is its extensive database of journalists and relevant media outlets. You can also upload images and videos. Despite the many benefits of using press release services, you may want to opt for a more specialized option for a more personalized look. For example, Newswire Analytics provides post-distribution performance reports, including link click-through and multimedia engagement statistics. The service’s user-friendly dashboards and widgets help you get meaningful metrics from your press releases. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, you’ll want to take advantage of their service.

Another benefit of using a press release distribution service is the ability to find the journalist of your choice and work with them directly. Their press release writing guides and tutorials help you create a professional document. The company has a review process for each release, but it’s minor and ensures grammar and PR writing rules are followed. There’s also a media watch service, which helps you track coverage trends and measure sentiments.

Business Wire

While PR Newswire and other press release services can reach a large number of journalists, Business Wire’s extensive network of media outlets means that your press release will get the attention of thousands of journalists, including financial and website editors. The company’s services are best suited for corporate and B2B companies that are looking for targeted coverage. It can be quite expensive, but it will pay off when you see the ROI.

Some of the features of Business Wire that you will enjoy are its targeted distribution, extensive reporting, and easy interface. Another bonus is the fact that the service has a representative review every press release. The downside is that the company’s pricing is somewhat out of reach for most small businesses. If you’re on a budget, PR Newswire may be a better choice. But it’s still worth considering if you need a high-quality press release distribution service.

The service allows you to send unlimited press releases, with every press release categorized by industry and geography. You can even include up to three images and documents to accompany your press release. RealWire distributes your press release to over half a million journalists and includes distribution through M2 PressWire and Google News. To reach out to journalists and gain exposure for your news, you’ll want to craft an effective message that will catch their interest.

As part of its press release services, Business Wire helps you distribute your press releases in 20 languages. The GMSM feature, which improves the presentation and shareability of your press release, will increase your exposure even more. Advanced analytics and other tools will help you measure the success of your release and see if it’s getting the attention it needs. If you’re looking for significant online exposure, PR Web is the best choice for your marketing efforts. PR Web also offers a professional review of your press release to ensure its quality and content.

Linking News

Web letter tiles - Choosing the Press Release Distribution Service for You – Options Available for Businesses

Linking News press release services helps brands get featured in top-tier media and news websites. The publicity you gain from this is invaluable for building your brand and credibility. Not only will this result in new leads and clients, but it will also create more awareness of your business. If you’re thinking about launching a new business or want to strengthen your brand’s public relations efforts, Linking News is a fantastic option. Read on to learn more about the benefits of Linking News press release services.

Premium sites are better indexed by Google and have higher domain authority. They are also more likely to be found by your audience. These advantages make Linking News the best press release distribution service for your business. There are a variety of plans, so you’ll have more options to decide which one is right for your business. If you’re on a budget, there are many affordable plans that will fit your budget. And because Linking News offers a range of press release distribution options to fit your budget, you’re guaranteed to find a plan that suits your needs.

Unlike other press release services, Linking News allows you to white label their press releases. This ensures the best placement in premium media channels. Upon submitting your press release, the editorial team will carefully review it for content guidelines and publish it within 24 hours. Depending on the type of news release, it can take up to 48 hours to publish your press release. In addition, your news will not be branded with a third party, which many audience members find more attractive.

PR Web Company

If you are a small business owner looking to create newsworthy press releases, PRWeb can help. They offer a variety of affordable multimedia options and in-depth reporting that enables you to track performance and gain insights into your audience. These insights can then be used to enhance your marketing strategy, from retargeting campaigns to promotional campaigns. Read on to learn more about how PRWeb can help you. Here are some of their most notable features.

PRWeb’s multi-faceted approach helps clients create high-quality news releases that generate publicity and sales. You can use their press release services for free, or you can choose to purchase additional services. Whichever service you choose, choosing the right one for your business will make a difference in how your story is placed. Here are some of the best options. When deciding which service to use, be sure to look for one that balances visibility and pricing.

PR Web Company offers newswire distribution to over 30,000 news outlets and bloggers. It syndicates stories to a large audience for a relatively low fee. You will also get free photos and videos when you choose their premium package. And because there’s no word limit, you can write as many press releases as you need. If you haven’t already made a decision, contact PR Web Company today to find out how they can help you.

If you’re considering hiring PRWeb to distribute your press releases, there are a few things to consider. Their press release template offers opportunities for customer discovery, consumption, and sharing. Their templates are search engine-friendly and incorporate social sharing options. They also optimize the code for faster page load times. Regardless of how you choose to go about it, PRWeb will help you make the most of your press releases. If you’re a small business owner looking to save time and money, PRWeb can be an excellent choice.

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