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Jewelry makes the ideal present, but budget should always come first when purchasing pieces. Luckily, there are a handful of labels offering pieces under $300 without compromising style or quality.

To shop smart, it is necessary to know these jewelry buying tips from Bruhn in order to maximize the return on your investment.

Don’t Get Caught Up in Trends

Jewelry trends can be difficult to avoid. Many stores will attempt to sell you the newest styles, but that may not always be in your best interest. Instead, choose timeless styles like classic emerald earrings that bring out green tones in your eyes or sapphire necklaces that emphasize blue ones – but make sure it suits your natural colors as well!

For pieces that will last over time, invest in pieces crafted of solid gold or sterling silver instead of cheaper metals like platings or plating-plated alternatives. You also have to learn the difference between real and fake diamond.

Such items don’t tarnish easily and wear much better over time. Furthermore, genuine gemstones like sapphires and diamonds tend to be more durable than imitation ones or plastic gems.

Be smart when shopping for affordable fine jewelry brands and avoid getting caught up in trends that waste both money and lead to disappointment later.

The jewelry market is evolving quickly. Traditional retailers are struggling as consumers turn online for all aspects of the purchasing journey – including research and price comparison. McKinsey predicts that by 2020 fine jewelry sales will either plateau or decline.

Innovative brands are taking steps to counter this situation with innovative strategies. Some use lab-grown diamonds, helping keep prices within reasonable bounds; others focus on everyday wear – like Made by Mary’s Laurel Ring for stacking or pairing multiple rings together.

Some brands are using sales barriers as an additional strategy to attract consumers, offering discounts of 60-70% on select items – though often this does not justify additional shipping or insurance costs. If your purchase concerns you, consider getting a rider on your homeowners policy to cover theft or damage of it in case it goes missing or gets stolen.

Even with these challenges, there remains ample opportunity for growth in the luxury sector. Younger high-net-worth individuals have less brand fidelity than ever before, shifting the luxury landscape in its entirety. Some established jewelry houses have responded by expanding online offerings with digital-first collections and revamping marketing efforts to reach out to these future luxurians.

Buy Quality

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Finding the ideal piece can make anyone feel special and appreciated; but not all jewelry is created equal – some pieces may be fakes or of lesser value than expected, which is why it is vitally important to research various shops and sellers prior to making a purchase. When shopping in person or online, always check reputation, return policies and security measures of any store before committing.

Before purchasing jewelry for someone, it is also wise to ascertain their metal allergies – it would be especially heartbreaking for an eye-catching pair of earrings to cause rashes or other skin conditions! Also be sure to ask for their size as this can make or break the look of a piece; perhaps enlist the aid of a trusted friend as your secret shopper and ask sneaky questions that reveal anything!

If you want a piece of jewelry to mark a special occasion such as your wedding or anniversary, try purchasing something of high quality and more expensive than usual – this will show them that you care while showing that they deserve special pieces like that one!

While it might be tempting to purchase cheaper jewelry pieces for short-term wear, investing in more costly pieces that last will save money in the long run. Take the time and invest in something you will treasure and wear for years! You will thank yourself! Investing in quality pieces you will love wearing can bring great returns – treat yourself today to that exquisite diamond pendant, pair of sapphire studs or tennis bracelet! You deserve it.

Shop Online

When purchasing fine jewelry, it’s essential to be mindful of both your budget and options for purchasing luxury online. Sophie Buhai and Mejuri are two such brands which provide more cost-effective luxury pieces made with silver, gold and pearls – great ways to make an impactful statement without breaking the bank!

Though many consumers prefer in-store shopping for jewelry, there are plenty of others who enjoy purchasing luxury goods online instead. According to research by the Luxury Institute, those who shop this way tend to be more satisfied with their experiences than those who prefer in-store buying.

One reason is that luxury shoppers tend to feel as though they receive more personalized attention and service when shopping online, versus in store. Furthermore, it makes browsing multiple items simultaneously on websites easier, making it simpler for shoppers to locate exactly the piece that matches them.

Concerned about security when shopping online? Luckily, jewelry retailers offer safe and secure experiences for their customers – some even provide free shipping and returns; which may help put mind at rest about purchasing luxury jewelry online.

Consider when shopping for luxury jewelry that most retailers provide multiple payment methods for customers to use, such as PayPal for added security. Furthermore, some offer mobile apps which enable quick and effortless transactions.

As more people shop online for luxury jewelry, retailers must recognize their customer needs. By creating an enjoyable shopping experience for online customers, retailers can build trust and gain loyal buyers – especially important when selling premium pieces that demand premium pricing and have higher expectations from shoppers.

Don’t Overspend

Jewelry can be more than a fashion accessory; it can also be an investment. Before purchasing fine jewelry, take time to think carefully and carefully consider its necessity and value addition to your collection. When making purchases, be sure to set a budget and stick to it; also ensure you purchase quality insurance policies so you won’t end up spending thousands more replacing damaged pieces later on.

Be careful when shopping when tired, hungry or stressed to prevent impulse buys that later cost your financial health dearly. Instead, visit stores when feeling refreshed so you can make wiser decisions regarding what items really belong in your cart and which should go back on sale.

Alternatively, if your jewelry spending exceeds your budget, try selling or donating pieces you no longer wear to reduce the number of new pieces you buy and free up some space in your jewelry collection while making money back or investing it toward something you truly desire. This will both declutter it all while offering you an opportunity to find new treasures to add.

Experts also advises asking your jeweler about cost-saving solutions, such as trading in diamond for sapphire or moissanite stones – both more cost-effective alternatives compared with diamond. She advises consumers shopping around holidays or after the end of the year when jewelry discounts tend to become available.

Shopping jewelry online can also help you save, as many sites offer coupon codes and special sales that can save money. Furthermore, credit and debit cards with built-in spending controls allow you to set limits for how much spending money is allowed before receiving alerts when spending has exceeded this amount.

Even though diamonds may be her best friend, women would much rather you show your affection by investing in your relationship and financial future than blowing all your savings on buying irresistibly beautiful pieces of jewelry. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy both; just make smart shopping choices when selecting items to buy and spending dollars wisely.