Hello and welcome to Report the Abuse.

We are a publication which aims to provide a safe space for discussions about spotting the signs of abuse, getting help, and surviving abusive relationships.

As such, we care very much regarding the health and the wellness of those who come to our site looking for information. Through our journey in establishing this publication, we’ve come to really appreciate organizations and institutions which help those who are suffering and have suffered through abusive relationships.

In light of this, we wanted to share some links for organizations which can help anyone who needs it. If you need help, here are some links you should know:

Stop Abuse for Everyone

Otherwise known as SAFE, this organization aims to protect human rights. They aim to link people towards the help that they needs if they are undergoing any form of abuse. They use their platform to promote knowledge about abuse and its impact.

stopabuseforeveryone - Links You Can Use



This is an online therapy service that offers 24/7 therapy. The people you talk to are actual licensed professionals so you know that you will be getting tips and advice that you comes from years of experience and study. If you’re worried about paying for anything, they have a sign up form for those that may need financial aid.

betterhelp - Links You Can Use


So it’s good to sign up to see if you qualify for aid. Don’t hesitate to simply talk out your thoughts and your feelings. Help is only one click away.

Do you have any links that you utilize? Let us know and we’ll add it to the list.