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If you’re in the construction industry, you’ve most likely seen Backhoes and Telehandlers. But what exactly are these machines? And how are they used? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular models. You’ll also get a better idea of how they operate.

Boom lifts

Boom lifts are a great way to access high-up work sites and get the job done safely and efficiently. They are an economical alternative to scaffolding. They are also used in the film industry to create a three-dimensional view of a worksite.

There are several types of boom lifts, each with their own characteristics and uses. There are straight booms, telescopic booms, and articulating booms. A straight boom features a single extendable arm, while articulating booms feature multiple arms. Each type has its advantages, but they all have one thing in common: they are very stable.

Boom lifts can be powered by various power sources, but diesel is the most common. Electric powered models are more environmentally friendly than diesel-powered models. They are also quieter and emit no pollutants. Dual fuel models are also available and offer more flexibility. The choice of power source will depend on the job site and its environment. Another important consideration is the type of tires. Some models feature flotation tires, while others have solid rubber tires.

There are also telescopic forklifts. These are similar to telescopic boom lifts but combine features of a telescopic boom lift and a conventional construction lift. They are able to carry heavy loads in difficult locations. Top quality models can be purchased from companies like JCB, Genie, and Bobcat.


A telehandler is a piece of construction equipment used by construction companies to lift and move heavy objects. With its many functions, this machine can help workers complete their tasks more efficiently, while reducing expenses. Its versatility allows operators to customize it to specific tasks and environments. Different models have different capacities and add-ons, and some are designed specifically for residential construction.

Telehandlers burn three gallons of diesel per hour on average. Optimal fuel efficiency can be improved by limiting idling and heavy lifting. Proper maintenance and good operating procedures can help reduce fuel consumption. Diesel is currently selling for $3 per gallon. It’s important to follow operating instructions carefully to avoid damage to the equipment.

Operators must follow the weight limit information carefully and be sure to know the weight limits of different telehandler models. Failure to obey these limits could result in tipping over or damaging the materials. Larger machines typically have higher capacities, but at the expense of maneuverability in tight spaces. If confined spaces are a main concern, smaller models are better suited.

As one of the most versatile construction equipment, telehandlers are increasingly becoming popular. They are used in all stages of construction projects. In fact, a telehandler may be the first on a job site and the last to leave. This versatility makes telehandlers one of the most popular pieces of construction equipment in rental fleets.


Backhoes are heavy equipment used for digging trenches and installing underground pipes. A backhoe loader has a seat in front of the machine. Its seat can be rotated to control the machine. There are many different types of backhoes. Wagner Used Equipment has a complete inventory of used construction equipment.

The versatility of backhoes makes them an excellent piece of heavy construction equipment. A backhoe loader combines the functions of a backhoe with those of a loader and tractor. It can dig up hard materials, haul dirt and supplies, and even rotate about 200 degrees. This piece of construction equipment is especially useful for operations that do not have access to large areas, such as landscaping.

A backhoe’s bucket can be replaced with a grapple, auger, or hammer. Although this heavy machinery is not particularly fast, it can travel up to 25 mph on the road. It consumes huge amounts of fuel per hour. Fortunately, backhoe hauling companies can transport the heavy equipment for you.


Excavators are a versatile piece of construction equipment that is used in a variety of applications. They are wheeled or tracked and are able to rotate 360 degrees. One of the most versatile excavators is the dragline excavator, which is used for excavations at a deeper level. These machines have a long boom with a digging bucket suspended from the top. This equipment is often used in port construction, underwater excavations, and even in the removal of sediment from water bodies.

Excavators are important pieces of construction equipment. They are used in a variety of applications and can be used for demolition and other large-scale construction projects. They also can be used to dig holes, break concrete, and plant trees or shrubs. Their versatility makes them a popular piece of equipment on construction sites of all types.

There are many different types of excavators available, with each having its own unique set of capabilities. There are compact excavators for smaller jobs, and bigger ones for larger jobs.


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Loaders are heavy machines that are used to load materials onto trucks or transport them around construction sites. They can be tracked or wheeled, and have various bucket capacities. Some are used for loading stockpiled material, while others are used for open trench excavation.

Loaders have a long history. The first one was developed by Volvo Construction Equipment in 1954. It was similar to a tractor but had rear wheels that were the same size as the front wheels. Today, the Israeli Combat Engineering Corps uses an armored Caterpillar 966 wheel loader to build road blocks, bases, and fortifications. This type of machine was a prototype of a wheel loader that is used by the Israeli Defense Forces.

Loaders are commonly used in the construction industry. The most popular type is wheeled, but there are also track loaders. Track loaders provide better traction on uneven surfaces, but are less suited for soft ground. Loaders can be used to transport building materials over short distances, and are an essential piece of construction equipment.

Loaders are commonly used to transport heavy materials. Large loaders can have a front bucket, which is useful in removing debris. Small front-end loaders are more compact and can also be used to move large objects around. Many loaders also have a toothbar mounted on the front of the bucket to assist digging. Some are also equipped with a quick-coupling system, or quick-attach system, which allows for quick attachments. Attachments include bale spears, pallet forks, and more.


Compactors are large machines that flatten the ground by pressing on it. They are commonly used on large projects where the ground is not level. Compactors are also used for creating flat surfaces in roads and other areas. The weight of the steel drums helps these devices roll down materials in flat layers.

Compactors are used to compact wet and dry materials in a variety of environments. They come in a variety of sizes, and you can even purchase a specialized model for your business. YRCO sells only the highest quality plate compactors, so check them out on YRCO’s website now. In addition, compactors are sometimes used in scrap metal processing. For example, a car crusher compacts an automobile using a hydraulically powered plate, whereas a baling press compacts wet material by pressing it flat with a press. These machines are typically made of welded steel, which is durable for exposure to the elements and pressure.

Compactors are also used in landfills and paving projects. They play a crucial role in the completion of these projects, and are available for rent or purchase from a reliable local source. As an authorized Cat(r) dealer in the region, MacAllister has a large inventory of top-of-the-line machinery for your needs.

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