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Chiropractic is a regulated health care profession that diagnoses and treats problems of the bones, joints and muscles called the musculoskeletal system. Many common ailments benefit from chiropractic treatment.

Back pain, neck pain, headaches and other maladies are often treated with chiropractic adjustments and soft tissue therapies. Most major insurance companies cover this treatment.

Increased Immune System Function

While chiropractors are well known for their treatment of back pain, many people do not realize that they can also help with other health issues. For example, studies show that chiropractic adjustments improve the body’s immune system function. This is due to the fact that spinal misalignments can disrupt the communication between the nervous and immune systems. This can cause the body to not be able to respond quickly and efficiently to illness or injury. Chiropractors are able to correct these misalignments and therefore help the body to fight off infection and recover more quickly.

Another way that chiropractic can help is by decreasing the reliance on medication to treat pain. According to a 2020 study, patients who received chiropractic care reported lower levels of pain reliever prescriptions than those who did not receive chiropractic treatments. This is because a chiropractor can use other methods to manage a patient’s discomfort, including massage therapy, heat application, exercises and stretching, and nutritional counseling.

A chiropractic adjustment can also benefit those with conditions such as high blood pressure or tinnitus (ringing in the ears). These conditions can be caused by neck or spine problems. A chiropractic adjustment can reduce the inflammation associated with these conditions, which can help to lower blood pressure. It can also help to alleviate tinnitus by relieving the pressure on the nerves that causes it.

Additionally, chiropractic can improve balance and dizziness. These conditions may be caused by a cervical or thoracic spinal misalignment. These issues can lead to a decrease in brain activity and increase the likelihood of a person falling. A chiropractic adjustment can reduce the misalignment and restore proper balance to the body, which can reduce the risk of falls.

A chiropractor can also assist with the symptoms of osteoarthritis, a condition where the cartilage cushioning the ends of the joints wears away gradually over time. This can result in pain and stiffness of the joints, which can inhibit movement and impact a person’s quality of life. A chiropractic adjustment can reduce the inflammation associated this condition and help the body to heal, which can slow down the progression of osteoarthritis.

Reduced Stress

Stress is a normal part of life, but it can become problematic over time. This is especially true if you are dealing with physical pain. In many cases, spinal abnormalities such as vertebral subluxations can cause or contribute to chronic stress because the misalignments in the spine disrupt proper nerve function and send inaccurate signals to your brain. When these spinal problems are corrected, the nervous system functions normally again and the correct messages about your health are sent to your brain. This helps reduce or even eliminate symptoms of stress and anxiety, as well as improve overall mental clarity, emotional resilience and sleep quality.

In addition to relieving muscle tension and headaches, chiropractic care can also stimulate the production of hormones like oxytocin, cortisol, and endorphins that promote feelings of well-being, which help to reduce stress levels. As a result, many patients report fewer symptoms of stress or anxiety as a result of their regular chiropractic treatments.

As an additional benefit, chiropractic adjustments can offer relief for some digestive issues. Studies have shown that when the spine is in alignment, it helps ensure that the nerve impulses necessary for proper stomach function are not interrupted. This can also be helpful for asthma sufferers, as the spine has a direct impact on lung function.

Chiropractic is a natural way to reduce and manage stress, allowing the body to restore balance to its systems. As your body adjusts to this new normal, you may notice a greater awareness of the things that are helping and hindering your overall well-being. This can help you make healthier choices regarding diet, sleep, exercise, and other healthy habits that will positively affect your mental health.

Ultimately, regular chiropractic care can improve your ability to deal with the various stresses that life throws at you. Whether it is neck pain due to poor posture or the strain of sitting all day at work, chiropractic can help relieve these symptoms and reduce your overall stress level. This is in addition to the fact that it can help to increase your immune function, reduce your risk of heart disease, and promote emotional wellness.

Better Sleep

One of the main benefits of chiropractic is a more restful sleep. The chiropractic approach focuses on the musculoskeletal system, which includes a person’s muscles, bones, joints, cartilage, and tendons. This holistic method of treating the body takes into account how different parts of the body interact with each other, including the nervous system. This connection is critical to overall health, as it regulates the body’s functions and processes.

When the spine is properly aligned, the nervous system can work as it should. This can help to alleviate headaches and migraines. This is because a common cause of these types of headaches is tension in the neck and shoulders. With the right chiropractic adjustments, this tension is reduced and often the symptoms of the headaches are eliminated.

Chiropractic manipulation, also known as spinal manipulation is when a chiropractor uses their hands or small instruments to realign the spine and other joints. They usually do this by placing you on a specially designed chiropractic table that allows certain sections of the table to drop down slightly, making it easier for them to apply pressure to a specific area. During this treatment, you may hear popping sounds. This is caused by gases, such as oxygen and nitrogen, getting trapped in small spaces in your joint and being released when the chiropractor manipulates the joints. The sound is similar to that heard when you crack your knuckles.

This treatment is typically covered by Medicare, though it is recommended that you ask your doctor if there are any services that Medicare doesn’t cover. This will help you determine how much you will need to pay for your treatments.

Increased Energy

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Boosted energy levels are one of the most surprising benefits of chiropractic adjustments. This is a result of the reduction in inflammation and pain throughout the body. Tight muscles are also loosened, which leads to more flexibility and mobility. This boosts athletic performance, making it easier for people to perform daily activities without pain or discomfort.

During spinal manipulation, chiropractors, together with the Lincoln chiropractors, focus on restoring the proper alignment of the spine, which has a direct impact on your overall health and wellness. When the spine is misaligned, it interrupts communication between your immune system and nervous system. By reestablishing this communication, chiropractors are able to improve the immune system’s functionality.

Other ailments that can be improved with regular chiropractic care include digestive problems, acid reflux and headaches. These conditions may be the result of a misalignment in the thoracic spine, which is associated with reduced lung capacity and difficulty breathing. Regular chiropractic adjustments can realign this area and help you breathe more easily.

Chiropractic treatment can also ease asthma symptoms and reduce inflammation in the joints and lungs. Several studies show that asthma patients who receive chiropractic adjustments report less frequent and less severe symptoms. This is due to the fact that spinal misalignments interfere with nerve impulses to the lungs, causing them to work improperly. By reestablishing the normal flow of these nerve impulses, chiropractors are able to decrease inflammation and improve respiratory function.

Headaches and migraines are another condition that can be improved with chiropractic care. In addition to addressing any spinal issues that could be contributing to these conditions, chiropractors can also relieve tension in the neck and shoulders. This can reduce headaches and migraines by reducing pressure on nerves that connect the spine to the head.

Chiropractic care is a great option for patients who are looking for alternatives to traditional medications that can have serious side effects. Many individuals are turning to this type of alternative medicine because it is safe and effective. Moreover, it is an affordable option for patients who want to manage their back pain and other musculoskeletal disorders.