Hello and welcome to Report the Abuse.

We are a publication which aims to provide a safe space for discussions about spotting the signs of abuse, getting help, and surviving abusive relationships.

Our writing team covers a wide variety of topics about abuse and there are—quite frankly—so many other things to talk about. As such, we fully admit that we need more perspectives and voices to talk about this.

Do You Have a Story to Tell?

We are looking for people to discuss their personal brushes with abusive relationships. We highly value the strong voices that offenders tried their hardest to silence. We aim to champion those whose spark was too bright to be truly trampled out by hateful words, thoughts, and actions.

Write For Us

If you would like to help others who are presently undergoing the things that you have lived through, we would be honored to have our space as your creative outlet for your thoughts and the things that you have learned.

If you are able to express your ideas in a completely cohesive, frank, and unabashed manner, we would love to publish your thoughts in our publication. We highly appreciate discussions which are focused on:

  • Signs of Abusive Relationships
  • How to Get Help
  • The Lasting Impact of Abusive Relationships
  • Personal Accounts of Surviving Abusive Relationships
  • Lessons, Tips, Leads for Dealing With Trauma

These and so many other stories that do need to be told and we would be glad if you were to make use of our publication to tell them. For any interested people, please reach us through 956-377-8883.