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A style guide for beginners from an ecommerce agency can be beneficial for many reasons. For example, it will provide an overview of the main ways in which a brand communicates its message. It can include examples of popular images used by big brands as well as a mood board. Regardless of the purpose of the guide, it’s important to address the main ways in which a brand wants to be perceived. Listed below are some tips for beginners on how to create a brand style guide. 

OGSystems’ Brand Style Guide 

The OGSystems’ brand style guide for beginner designers has a lot of great advice for designers looking to start their brand. The guide is based on research with 16 brand experts and a systematic literature review. For example, it lists do’s and don’ts. It warns against using backgrounds with high contrast or colors similar to the logo. It also highlights some specific examples of how the brand should look. 

Uber’s Style Guide 

The style guide for a brand, such as Uber, is quite comprehensive and contains information on the different aspects of a successful brand. It covers everything from the store environment to the colors that they use. It also goes over how they approach photography, the tone of their voice, and the fonts that they use. There are also guidelines for creating logos and fonts. The brand’s style guide is divided into nine core elements and is extremely easy to follow. 

One of the most helpful sections of the style guide is the tone of voice section, which includes dozens of dos and don’ts. There are examples of the Uber voice in different mediums, such as print and outdoor signage. There are also several helpful tools, such as GIFs and videos that make learning about branding easier. Once you’ve created your style guide, make sure that everyone in your company uses it. It should be easy to find and share amongst your team members. 

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Yellow Black Design Studio’s Style Guide  

The Yellow Black Design Studio’s brand style guide provides a detailed look at the company’s corporate identity. It includes a color palette, logo font, and positioning guidelines. Whether your company prefers CMYK or RGB-coded colors, the guide will show you how to create and use these with ease. The guide includes a sample logo to give you a sense of its style. 

The guide includes a detailed table of contents that explains the different components of design. It covers everything from color to typography and fonts and even the style of writing. The guide is particularly useful if you are new to design, as you can refer to examples and learn the basics of brand style. Whether you are new to the world of branding, or you are an experienced designer who just wants a fresh perspective, the Yellow Black Design Studio’s brand style guide will help you get started. 

Mailchimp’s Style Guide  

If you’re starting a new email campaign, you can follow Mailchimp’s brand style guide for beginners. It has great tips for tone and grammar. Mailchimp recommends avoiding similes, the figure of speech, and using long words. It discourages the use of foreign words and jargon. Here are some examples of how to use the style guide to help you craft your content. 

First, you’ll notice how well organized the guide is. It’s easy to navigate, and it includes headers, bolded keywords, and bullet points. The layout is also well-structured. You can scan through it quickly and efficiently. For those who aren’t as familiar with email style guides, this guide has an easy-to-follow format. The guide is divided into sections and is written with newbies in mind. 

After reading the brand style guide, you’ll feel confident about your message. Mailchimp has a distinctive brand voice and uses its own typeface, quirky icons, and quirky mascot. You’ll also appreciate the brand-style cheat sheet and “Helper Classes” for easier implementation of the brand. In addition to its brand guide, Mailchimp’s website features several examples of email design styles.